About Us

about us

Firm 1968

Welcome to Firm 1968, a leading public affairs consulting firm specializing in Philanthropy, Government and Economic Development. Our firm was founded by Jasmine E. Sessoms, a visionary leader dedicated to creating positive social impact and empowering communities.


At Firm 1968, we understand that effective philanthropy and strategic economic development are powerful catalysts for driving change and addressing societal challenges. With expertise in navigating the complex landscape of public affairs, we help organizations maximize their philanthropic efforts and leverage government resources to make a tangible difference.

Our Approach:

Community Economic Development: Unlocking the potential of communities and fostering sustainable economic growth is Firm 1968’s passion. We specialize in economic development, offering innovative strategies and practical solutions to empower your community and drive positive change

Government Relations:

Firm 1968 has over 30 years of combined government relations experience, we specialize in government relations for non-profit organizations and social causes- empowering them to navigate the complex world of policy and advocate for their causes effectively. We have a deep expertise in the intersection of government, public policy, and non-profit sector, we are your trusted partners in driving positive change and advancing your organization’s mission

Workforce Development:

Firm 1968, will be your partner in developing powerful workforce development systems. We specialize in designing and implementing robust workforce development systems that drive economic growth, empower individuals and meet evolving needs of businesses. With our extensive experience and deep expertise in the field, we are your trusted advisors in building large and medium-sized workforce development systems that make a real difference.

Non Profit Management:

We understand that effective leadership is critical for the success and sustainability of any nonprofit organization. However, many nonprofits face challenges in finding and retaining highly qualified Executive Directors who possess the necessary skills, experience, and passion to drive their mission forward. That’s where we come in. Firm 1968 can serve as your interim Executive Director to serve as a consistent presence during a non profit’s transition, reorganization or strategic planning.