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Firm 1968 is your partner in nonprofit leadership transitions. We specialize in providing temporary executive directors to nonprofit organizations in need of seamless leadership continuity during times of change.

We understand that nonprofit organizations often face challenges when their executive directors leave or transition to new roles. These transitions can create gaps in leadership and disrupt the organization’s operations and mission-driven work. That’s where we step in to provide a solution.

We have a team of experienced interim executive directors dedicated to supporting nonprofits during these critical periods of transition. We work closely with organizations of all sizes and sectors, offering a range of temporary executive director services that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

When you partner with us, we begin by thoroughly understanding your organization’s goals, culture, and challenges. Drawing from our vast network of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, we match your organization with an interim executive director who possesses the right blend of expertise, experience, and leadership style.

They step into your organization seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition and enabling your mission-critical work to continue uninterrupted.

During the interim period, our executive directors provide strong leadership, guiding your organization through the challenges and opportunities it faces. They collaborate closely with your team, board, and stakeholders to implement strategic initiatives, drive fundraising efforts, maintain operational stability, and ensure effective governance. Their goal is to not only maintain the organization’s momentum but also position it for future growth and success.

In addition to providing temporary leadership, our organization also offers valuable support and resources to help your organization navigate the transition successfully. We provide guidance on executive search processes, assist in defining the future leadership needs of your organization, and offer expertise in board governance and leadership development.

At Firm 1968 we believe in the power of effective leadership to drive nonprofit organizations towards their missions and impact. We are committed to serving as a bridge during leadership transitions, ensuring that your organization continues to thrive in the face of change. Contact us today to explore how our temporary executive director services can support your nonprofit organization and its vital work in the community.